For more than 130 years, the watch brand Seiko stands for innovation in technology and design. The Japanese brand is all that time a fixed value with watches of good and reliable quality in a wide range of designs and price ranges.

The early days of Seiko

Kintaro Hattori began in 1881 in the District of Ginza in Tokyo a watch and jewelry shop. In 1892, he specialized in the production of clocks under the name Seikosha. Seikosha means ‘ House of excellent craftsmanship ‘. Under this abbreviation Seiko appeared in 1924 the first watches. Because of Seiko’s continuous innovation , they have a solid reputation and position as a world leader in watch technology. The introduction of the Seiko Sportsmatic 5 in 1963 was a milestone in the history of Seiko. The watch gave five features: automatic, water-and shock-resistant and with a recessed Crown and a day/date window. This robust design became the basis for the still successful Seiko 5 series. Seiko introduced In 1969 the quartz watch and the first quartz chronograph. The Astron was the world’s first quartz watch.

Seiko’s clean energy philosophy

With its Clean Energy deals on making energy conscious Seiko watches. With the patented Kinetic-and Solar technology became the Seiko watches even better and energy-aware. Seiko was the first watchmaker with mercury-free batteries. With this innovative technology, batteries no longer need to be replaced. By default, the Seiko watches made of stainless steel, titanium, mineral glass or sapphire glass. Because of this, they are scratch resistant and very reliable.

Seiko’s technological progress

Still today, Seiko is on the lead in terms of innovation. Seiko tries with its developments not to focus exclusively on technological progress. With the creation of ‘ emotional technologies ‘ Seiko try precisely the interaction between the carrier and his watch.

A watch is according to Seiko an important personal accessory. Seiko watches are by their unique, recognizable style very popular by collectors. The collection consists of timeless classic Seiko ladies watches with a stylish and feminine look. The collection of men’s models varies from stylish classic for everyday use to sporty chronographs. Seiko also has a line of sport and diving watches, the Seiko Prospex. The luxury Seiko Premier collection exists beside this of Solar-and kinetic watches.

The luxury segment by Seiko

Batteries in Seiko’s Kinetic watches are recharged by the movement of the wearer. The combination of the precision of quartz with the latest technology makes it no longer necessary to replace batteries, Seiko create a classic look with modern technology. Also the Seiko Astron is a particular watch. The watch is recharged by the dial with Solar technology. This technique can be converted almost all forms of light into energy. Because the watch receive once a day automatically the time signal from the atomic clock, he always gives the correct time. The carrier himself can establish contact with different GPS satellites, so the watch can find and determinate his position on Earth and its time zone. By the built-in perpetual calendar gives the Astron to February 2100 the correct time .

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