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All the products offered by Myrwatches have been described as fully as possible and in good faith.


Important note:

The user is requested to read the present General Sales Terms and Conditions before placing an order. If you are under 18 years of age, you are required to obtain the explicit permission of one of your parents or of your guardian, before you can place an order and/or pay for the same.

The sales site is an e-commerce site that can be accessed via the Internet, and is open to all users of this network. The site was created ​​by the undertaking located in Grimbergen (hereinafter referred to as “Myrwatches”), an Ordinary Limited Partnership having its Registered Office atGrote Heirbaan 45, in BE-1852 Grimbergen, VAT no. BE0836 724 770.

Myrwatches is a member of BeCommerce and undertakes to abide by the code of conduct of this association. This code of conduct can be viewed at the following website


Clause 1. Registration and order confirmation

1.1 Navigating the site

The site offers users information concerning the various products that Myrwatches offers for sale. The user is free to navigate through the various pages of the site, without thereby incurring any obligation in the form of an order.


1.2 Registration of an order

If the user wishes to place an order, he shall select the different products that interest him, and shall indicate such interest by clicking on the “Shopping Cart” button.


The user shall have the option, at all times, of:

Creating a list of the products selected by him, by clicking on “Shopping Cart”.

Errors if any made while entering the data may be corrected by clickingon “Back”; it shall, however, no longer be possible to make such correction once the user has pressed the “Order” button; in case of errors, the user may contact the customer service via email or by telephone;


Telephone: 0032 (0)2 305 50 99 of 0032 (0)479 866 228


To conclude the selection of products and to fix these products, one may click on “checkout”.


The user can order the products selected by him by first clicking on “Order” and then identifying himself by entering his address, which the user can confirm without an account. In the latter case, he/she must accurately complete the form that shall then appear, namely, by entering all mandatory identification information, such as his/her full name and postal address. The user shall also enter his email address.


The user accepts that the entry of both identification items shall constitute proof of his/her identity and further constitutes his/her acceptance of these General Sales Terms and Conditions. The user should choose a delivery address as soon as he/she is identified. An order form shall then appear on the screen, containing the following information: the type, the quantity and price of the products selected by the user, as well as the total value of the order, the personal details of the user, and the address to which the products are to be delivered.

The user shall be free to select the desired method of payment according to the procedures stipulated in Clause 2.


1.3 Definitive confirmation of the order

The order is definitively confirmed from the moment the user clicks on the “I validate my order” button: the order is thereby registered and the sale is definitively concluded. The user shall then no longer be able to correct any errors that may have been made at the time of entering the order. The user shall then be regarded as a purchaser. The order form is recorded in the computer records of Myrwatches or of its service provider, which records in turn are stored on a safe and durable data carrier, and constitute proof of the contractual relations between the parties. The contract shall then be electronically archived and exclusively intended for use by Myrwatches.

In accordance with Clause 6, the purchaser shall have the right, without assigning any reason and without thereby being liable to pay any penalty, to choose not to purchase the products within thirty (30) calendar days, to be counted from the day following the day on which Myrwatches delivers the products.


1.4 Confirmation of your order

From the time that the sale is definitively concluded, Myrwatches shall send an order summary by e-mail to the email address provided at the time of placing the order, no later than at the time of delivery of the products. This confirmation shall contain all the constituent elements of the agreement entered into between the parties, and shall also constitute the proof of the purchase that was concluded between the parties. It shall also have legal validity as regards the availability and price of the articles, as well as of the promotions and postage costs. The invoice that shall be sent to the user at the time of the delivery of the package shall therefore specify the prices of the products and the processing costs, and, wherever appropriate, the payment and postage charges relating to the order.


Clause 2 – Payment

2.1 Summary


When confirming the order, the purchaser shall be requested to choose from the following methods of payment:


With a Visa card or Mastercard:

The purchaser shall specify the number and the ‘valid until’ date on the order form, and the payment shall then be made in accordance with the terms agreed with his bank;


With a credit balance or voucher:

Which must always be mentioned at the time of placing the order. Myrwatches shall deduct the same from the amount to be paid and, if necessary, Myrwatches shall refund the balance if any (with the exception of vouchers).


On Cash on Delivery basis:

The purchaser shall pay cash to the delivery person and shall also pay the sum of ten Euros (10 Euros) as a contribution to the payment charges.


With PayPal:

The purchaser shall notify his PayPal account number (Provided there is sufficient balance in the same).


Through transfer on the Internet (i.e. Netbanking) via ING Home Pay.


With an American Express card


By bank transfer:

The order of the user shall be despatched after Myrwatches receives the sum payable. The user shall also receive a confirmation of receipt of payment.


In any case, Myrwatches reserves the right to refuse any order or delivery in the event of:

  • An existing dispute with the purchaser;
  •  Non-payment or partial payment of a previous order by the purchaser;
  • Refusal by the bank to permit payment by credit card ;
  • Non-payment or partial payment;


2.2 How do I get a refund?

The refund amount shall be paid as soon as Myrwatches receives and evaluates the returned articles. The amount shall be refunded within a few days of receipt of the returned articles. This may take up to 2 weeks. The method of repayment shall depend on the payment terms applicable to your order.

In case of payment by credit card, the amount will be received in your credit card account, and the transfer shall appear in your subsequent bank statement. Myrwatches has no control over the processing date of your credit card. In case you pay via PayPal, you shall receive a credit in your PayPal account, or you can yourself make arrangements with PayPal whereby the amount shall remain in your PayPal account to pay for another purchase, or shall be repaid into your bank account, and Myrwatches has no control over the same. In case of payment via Bancontact/Minstercash, you shall receive the amount in the bank account through which payment for the article was made. The value of the returned item shall not be charged when paying by bank transfer. You only pay for the product that you have retained, and if you have paid the full amount of the invoice, the value of the returned products shall be paid back into your bank account.


If you have any questions concerning the return of a product, you may always contact Myrwatches via mail or by telephone.


Telephone: 0032 (0)2 305 50 99 of 0032 (0)479 866 228

Clause 3 – Delivery period


Delivery periods are only indicative. The purchaser shall derive no right to claim damages, penalties, the cancellation of the order or the termination of the agreement, on the basis of the mere fact that this period was exceeded, irrespective of the grounds for the same. However, if some items cannot be sent (within 10 days), Myrwatches shall notify you of the same and you may, at your option, terminate the agreement on those grounds.

After an order is received, we shall send all our data for the bank transfer. When the amount is paid into the bank account of Myrwatches, we shall despatch the order to you via De Post or via a private transport service.


Clause 4. Communication


We are not liable for erroneous or delayed transmission of order data and communications, due to the use of the Internet or of any other communication medium in the communications between the user and Myrwatches, or between Myrwatches and others, insofar as it relates to the relationship between the user and Myrwatches.


Clause 5. Prices


The prices prevailing on the day of ordering the goods shall be charged, for all orders. Once the order is placed, the price shall no longer be modified. The prices specified for items are inclusive of all taxes (VAT, and if necessary, Bebat and Recupel, if applicable under the law) and exclusive of shipping costs if any. The shipping costs if any shall always be notified to you for confirmation before you place your order. Myrwatches cannot be held liable on the grounds of any (printing) errors that may be present in such offers. If a price is incorrectly stated on the Myrwatches website, and such price is communicated by Myrwatches to the customer, the customer shall have the right to cancel the order, or to have the order executed at the correct price. All the prices posted are in EUROs and all orders, regardless of their nature, shall be payable in EUROs.


Clause 6. Right of renunciation and return.


In accordance with the Belgian Law of 12th May 2010, the consumer shall have the right to notify the company that he renounces the purchase without assigning any reason and without thereby incurring any penalty, within 30 calendar days from the day following the delivery of the goods or the conclusion of the contract of service. This period should allow the customer to assess the purchased article. Used, damaged or incomplete products shall not be taken back. The customer shall bear the packaging and transport costs. When the return is due to the fault of Myrwatches, Myrwatches shall bear the cost of transport. Our return conditions are: the products must be returned to us in their original (the manufacturer’s) packaging, accompanied by the invoice. We would like to notify you that we only accept returns and refunds for items that were purchased via the Myrwatches website. If you wish to exchange a purchased article for another article or model, please first return the purchased item within 30 workdays, unworn, undamaged, complete, in its original packaging. We shall then send you the new article/model. Any price differences shall respectively, be paid for by the customer, or refunded by us. In each case with a confirmation via e-mail.


Clause 7. Guarantee


The terms and conditions shall always be identical to those applied by the manufacturer of the concerned product, i.e. 1 or 2 years, as laid down by the manufacturer in the enclosed guarantee documentation. A valid proof of purchase must be submitted along with the guarantee claim application. Guarantee claims shall be handled by appointment. Whether or not an article falls under the guarantee shall always be decided by the manufacturer or the supplier of this article. Myrwatches shall send the article to the manufacturer or supplier, who shall decide whether the guarantee shall be accepted, and shall also notify Myrwatches the grounds for such decision. Myrwatches can in no way be held responsible for such decisions. The articles may be returned via De Post, a Kiala point or a private transport service, or through delivery to Myrwatches. This shall be done at the cost and responsibility of the customer, in case of loss, theft or damage. Myrwatches shall as far as possible, replace the items sold with articles of the same type, in the same quantities and/or formats, if the customer has provided us with an opportunity to conduct a proper investigation, and such investigation has shown that the articles have not fulfilled the requirements that may be reasonably be imposed, within the applicable guarantee period. Wear and tear and errors or traces of use shall never be covered under the guarantee. There shall be no guarantee on batteries, glass, crowns, bracelets or in case of improper use of the article.

Clause 8. Links to this site


You are permitted to create a link between your site and this site without the prior written consent of Myrwatches, insofar as this causes no injury to Myrwatches


Clause 9. Applicable law, jurisdiction


If one or more provisions of these Terms or of any other agreement with Myrwatches violates any applicable prescription of law, such provision shall lapse and shall be replaced by a new provision as may be determined by Myrwatches, which shall be permissible under the law. These terms and conditions, as well as all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these terms and conditions apply, shall be exclusively subject to Belgian law. Disputes if any shall only be placed before the courts having jurisdiction over the district in which the seller is established.


Clause 10. Cookies


This site uses cookies. A cookie is a file stored on the hard disk of the computer of the user. Cookies provide information about previous visits made to the site by the user. Myrwatches uses cookies only to personalise the proposed service for the user. The user is free to block cookies on his computer through an appropriate setting on his browser. In that case, the user shall no longer be able to personalise the service of Myrwatches via the site.


Clause 11. Privacy Statement


Myrwatches respects and protects the privacy of the users of its website. The collection of “personal data” via our website and the use of these data by Myrwatches shall be done strictly in accordance with the provisions of the Belgian law of 8th December 1992 concerning the Protection of Privacy with regard to the processing of personal data. Myrwatches requests a minimum of personal data when filling out an electronic form, in order to be able to contact you. This personal information is collected and recorded in our database, and is only used for internal purposes. Such personal details shall not be passed on to third parties, and shall only be used for the promotion of Myrwatches and of the transport company (Taxipost and TNT). Of course, users who do not wish that their personal information described above should be used in the aforesaid manner, should indicate this in the appropriate place provided in the registration procedure.

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