Frequently asked questions

1. My watch has become defective during the warranty period

You can send the watch to the repair department of Myrwatches, which will solve the problem.

2. The battery of my watch is dead

You can send the watch to the repair department of Myrwatches via a De Post mini package (send watch without the original packaging).


3. The watch glass is broken

We replace all kinds of watch glasses and repair watches that were purchased elsewhere. The price of this service depends on the type of watch and the type of glass that is needed. We will send you a detailed pricing plan before we repair the watch.

4. My watchband needs to be shortened

Every watch with a steel watchband is delivered with a tool for shortening the strap.

If you indicate your wrist size when placing your order then we will make sure that your watch is adjusted to the correct size before it is sent to you.

5. I do not like the watch

You can exchange the watch at Myrwatches for a different model.

Simply send the watch back to Myrwatches and we will send you your preferred model. We will reimburse the shipping fees. Myrwatches upholds the “not good, money back” rule.

If you are not satisfied we will refund the amount you paid minus the shipping fees within five workdays.


6. Myrwatches – Own repair department

Our repair department also repairs watches that were purchased elsewhere.


Address Repair Department Myrwatches:

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