MYRwatches – Regulator clock repair – Part 4

MYRwatches – Regulator clock repair – Part 4

Dear readers, welcome back!

Last time I showed the process of cleaning and how it improved the appearance of the clock!

After putting in bushes to the clock assembled it again. After some manuals tests I will let the clock run for 2 weeks without the housing.
Please find pictures of the re-assembled clock below.

I will let the weights go off twice to make sure the clock doesn't have any more issues. When everything turns out to be ok, I will test the clock for another 2 weeks with housing.
Below you can see the clock in the test period without the housing.

The test period was successful! Next time I'll share the last part of this beautiful 8 days clock..

See you next time!
Have a great day!

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